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Comes in small and large sizes.

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Celebrating originality with the world.

Using the latest digital printing technology, Mopress will make fading colours and bulky photo albums a thing of the past. Say hello to longer-lasting photos with top-notch quality like never before.

While the internet and social media has made photo-sharing accessible and convenient, nothing is still quite like an elegant album to showcase your masterpieces.

What is your definition of a masterpiece? Is it a work displayed in galleries or sold for sky-high prices? Or simply a drawing done by your child that was shared with you? Over here at Mopress, we celebrate originality, and we believe that every person should be given a chance to express that unique side to themselves.

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Recommended for photographers

Comes in two sizes :

 Small ( soft cover ) - 192mm x 144mm

 Large ( hard cover ) - 260mm x 195mm


Perfect - bound


Pages :

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